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Nail your product-market fit strategy in 2 hours

The self-guided workshop to get you on the right track to a viable business model.

“The customers are buying the product as fast as you can deliver it”* - that's product-market fit.

The lack of it is the number one reason why startups fail.

It's a chicken and egg situation. How do you validate market fit without a product? And how do you know what to build if you don't know if there is a market?

So we start by tackling problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market.

Lots of conversations happen, but deals rarely close. Lots of features are built, but they don't seem to make a difference. Word of mouth doesn't spread.

I've created this workshop to break out of this cycle. I've distilled what I've seen work time and time again to create products that people want.

Edoardo Turelli - 1 of 9.jpeg

I will guide you through a structured approach from ideation to actionable next-steps towards product-market fit.

In 2 hours you will:

  • Use the "Jobs To Be Done" to map customer needs

  • Identify markets to test with a novel use of the Lean Canvas

  • Extract the assumptions you're making so you can test them

  • Learn snappy product validation without building an MVP

  • Prioritise what to build so it sells

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