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Want to skip the trial and error and use my hard-earned lessons from 25 years in the industry?


Let's work together in a 1:1 session.


We can focus on one or more topics. I can support you with leadership coaching, business advice, organisational guidance, entrepreneurship mentoring, technology strategy, or any other area I cover.


And if you're not sure, just ask 😉.


Consulting calls are online and last 1 hour. They can be one-off or regular (I offer volume discounts).

If you need more support, explore the advisory program.

Work with me 1:1

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Reshma Shetty

Engineering Manager

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"Edoardo is one of the best coaches I have come across in my managerial career so far. [...]

He is stupendously patient, listening in all the chats and his presence of mind is very appealing. [...]
I highly recommend Edoardo [...] for anyone who is in a managerial role [...] looking to improve their managerial traits and competencies, soft skills, growth in role."

Bogdan Moldovean

Head of Engineering

"Working with Edoardo was a great experience. [...] For me personally he was a great mentor. Good advice from his own experience, well balanced with letting me discover and enabling me to take ownership. I always felt confident that I have the right information and that there is a safety net in case I misjudge."

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