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How I can help you

I wish there were a one-size-fits-all approach, but there isn’t.

Sometimes it's an engineering problem. Sometimes it's a product problem. Or it’s an issue with the go-to-market strategy, messaging, or sales pipeline.

In some cases, you need to structure more; in others, you need to simplify. One day you’re too fast; another, you’re too slow.

Or the talent of your team doesn’t shine yet.

It's often a judgement call. And how you do things.
My 25 years in the industry inform each of my decisions.

I ground my thinking on achievements across multiple sectors, stages, and platforms, with deep expertise in technology, product, and management. And I am mindful of the rest, like fundraising, marketing, sales, and finance.

Below are some ways we can work together. If you’re not sure if I can help you, just reach out 😉


1:1 Session 👑

The fastest way to access my hard-learned lessons.

Do you need answers to your most pressing concerns?

Done. 💥

Advisory 🔮

You want expert advice backed by results. It could be strategic, for example, on a core technical decision. Or tactical, like validating your product hypothesis. Or operational, such as optimising your hiring processes.


Whether navigating early stages, scaling up, or becoming a household name, I provide an actionable, end-to-end perspective rigorously refined in the real world.

Workshop 🙋

Workshops are fun! They foster team bonding in practical and highly effective ways. A few examples: “CEO for a day” to align on quarterly objectives. “The Great Microservice Bake-Off” for the best service boundaries ever. Or the all-time favourite — the hackathon.

Whatever you need, I’ve got a workshop for you.

Technology Due Diligence 🕵️

You want to be DD-ready for your next round. Or, as an investor, you need help deciding on an opportunity. I can provide an in-depth review and analysis of all the technology, product, and delivery capabilities of the business.

Serious stuff. 🫣

Fractional CTO / CTO-as-a-Service ✨

Imagine ordering CTO work à la carte: a roadmap and some org design with a bit of microservice architecture on the side. Jokes aside, it’s about elevating your team.

Receive the expertise and capabilities of a full-time CTO without the associated level of salary and benefits. What a treat.

Interim CTO 🧞

You need a CTO for a limited time. I can jump in, usually for 3-6 months. We agree on what needs to be done, and I execute. And we regularly re-align and adjust where necessary.  This option is ideal when you can’t wait six months for a full-time CTO.

You can get an expert operator running the tech show during transitions or unexpected CTO/technical founder departures.



  • Architecture & Design (cloud architecture, platform scaling, microservices, …)

  • Technical strategy (cloud selection, vendor evaluation, API management, …)

  • Data architecture (data modelling, pipeline design, processing tools, …)

Delivery & execution

  • Delivery process (agile, SDLC, testing strategy, QA, …)

  • DevOps (CI/CD pipeline, branching strategy, observability, …)

  • Tackling Technical Debt (assessment, prioritisation process, remediation plan, …)


  • Product vision and strategy (market/needs, vision board, business model canvas, …)

  • Product innovation (customer research & development, MVP, hypothesis testing, … )

  • Product development (product roadmap, milestones, prioritisation, …)

People & culture

  • High-performance teams (OKRs, career development, org design, …)

  • Hire and onboard (hiring plan, interview process, 30-60-90 days plan, …)

  • Employee Engagement (all-hands, weekly demo, hackathons, …)

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