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Edoardo Turelli

I’m Edoardo Turelli
I help leaders, founders, and engineers succeed through the hardest and most crucial parts of bold tech ventures.

Exited Founder, CTO. Built world-record-breaking deeptech. Went from zero to scaleup multiple times. Advising, consulting, and exploring new projects today.


Founder/CTO of Koinup, acquired

Architected AI-powered, massive scale products used by top S&P orgs

Built deeptech that broke a world record

Part of $30M+ fundraisings

25 years in tech. 10 as programmer, 5 as founder, 10 as VP Eng & CTO

Edoardo Turelli - 08.jpeg

Not everything
is in the books.

I’ve done the work. Exited as a founder. Engineered at the petabyte level as a programmer. Scaled teams as an executive.

Now I want you to leverage my knowledge so you can stroll through your maze of challenges with feline grace and precision. Okay, maybe that’s a bit too much. 🤭

Sure, it can feel impossible at times. But it’s not!


Leaders 🤹

CTOs, CPOs, VPs, Managers

Nail your strategy. Deliver on time. Hire fast. But people can burn out, infrastructure costs can skyrocket, and new features might not sell more.
And you want your growth and development.
It ain’t trivial. 😵‍💫

Founders 🦸

CEOs, tech & non-tech founders

Build something that sells. Impress investors with traction. Create defensibility.
All while talking to customers, hiring and raising money.
Without running out of cash, obviously 💁.
I know. It can be gruelling.

Engineers 👩‍🚒

Developers, Architects, Chiefs of X

Clean code, flawless architecture, no technical debt.
Your microservices look like a pristine archipelago off the Greek coast 🏝.
Maybe you are not there yet.
Need a partner in crime to fix your tech drama?



You want sound, expert, and results-backed advice.
You want an MVP, architecture, and product roadmap. And every other cherry on top.
You want to know what needs to be done.



You want an expert to do it, someone who has done it before.
Hit milestones, get ready for the DD, scale quickly. Or fix the mess.
I’ll do the work for you, and we’ll make it right!


You want to stop struggling with trial and error. Leapfrog the learning curve. Reach new heights.
Get hyper-tailored coaching sessions and benefit from my hard-learned lessons.
Let that genius out.

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